MEU Kosovo 2017

The Qualitative Institute for Research, Analysis and Trainings “iCHAT” is to further the welfare of the citizens of Kosovo through empirical researches, analysis, trainings and consultancies and initiation to give good information of public policy, awareness of regional and international cooperation, minority rights, advocacy and networking. To offer encouragement and valuable activities for the creation of initiatives and effective policies, ideas and concrete actions to facilitate an integrated response of state, civil society and community toward negative actions and those who incite such actions. The objective is to address this task effectively and dynamically in four basic areas of facing the problem, law enforcement, prevention, treatment of harm reduction and education.

“Model European Union, also known as MEU is an international simulation conference of the European Union’s legislative process, which aims to connect young people from across Europe to learn about the functioning of the EU internal and its legislative procedures. The first simulation of the European Union was held in Strasbourg in 2007 and it achieved a great success with the support of the European Parliament and the European Commission. During the course of the week, participants discuss, debate, negotiate and try to reach a compromise on proposals. This is achieved by following precisely the same procedures that the current members of the European Union follow , in the accurate placement of the European Parliament. As noted above, participants are divided into MPs (MEP), Ministers of the European Union Council, interpreters, journalists and lobbyists.

Name Description
Conference Name MEU Kosovo 2017
Hosting Organisation
Date 01 Jun 2017 - 06 Jun 2017
Participant Number
Location Kosovo,