To contact BETA Europe, please refer to the links provided to the left and pick the relevant channels.

General inquiries should be directed to the Secretary-General of BETA Europe, Vincent Miča (

Official contacts or requests to the Management Board should be addressed to the President of BETA Europe, Kristin Aldag (

Become a Member

If you’d like to join BETA Europe as an individual member, please fill out our online membership form and we will get in touch with you! –>

Please bear in mind that an annual membership fee of 15€ applies. If you have any questions, please feel invited to contact our HR team by writing to

Get Engaged

There are many ways to get engaged with and within BETA.

You can take on a position in a BETA Europe team, as an Officer or Head. Please refer to the open calls and the roles descriptions before applying for one of these roles. You will gain valuable work experience and will be awarded a certificate upon completion of your work.

For any further inquiries on BETA Europe positions, please contact our HR team by emailing

You can also create a national BETA organisation and/or organise your own MEU simulation in your city with like-minded people and friends. BETA will gladly support your project and help you throughout the whole process.

For any further inquiries on how to start your own project, please contact the European Management Board:

Become a partner

If you are organising your own MEU simulation and would like to join our partner network, you first have to become a BETA Europe member.

Your organisation will then be invited to sign a partnership agreement with BETA Europe.

We encourage you to join our network since you will benefit from BETA’s support as well as all other MEU partners’ experiences.

To know more about our partnership programme, you can contact the European Management Board: