MEU Madrid 2016

Right now there is a myriad of different approaches that European countries have adopted regarding sex work. They vary from total banishment to total legalization, with some situations in between. Sex work can be regarded either as a laboral issue or as a moral one. According to treaties, the EU guarantees freedom of movement for workers and freedom to provide services. However, the disparities in legislation provoke that these rights cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand, the treaties forsee some restrictions to those freedoms in terms of public morality, public policy or public security. The development of new technologies and the capacity to provide services online beyond borders also questions the limits of the corresponding legislations.

The EC calls for dealing with this particular and set a European standard, so that freedoms and duties are clear. Its main will be:

  • a EU legal framework regarding prostitution and their public advertisement, as well as strategies dealing with human traffic;
  • a EU legal framework regarding the sex industry, notably the one regarding tpornography;
  • a European approach to the online sex industry and the transnational provision of goods and services.
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Conference Name MEU Madrid 2016
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Date 19 Sep 2016 - 24 Sep 2016
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