BETA Polska

The idea to organize Model European Union in Warsaw was born in the minds of several students, who had previously participated in MEU Strasbourg and MEU Mainz. They realised that Warsaw, as the capital of Poland and centre of eastern Europe, would be a great location for the simulation. Finding other students willing to take on this idea was not too difficult and soon the team began with the process of establishing Stowarzyszenie BETA Polska, finding partners and planning the event. The first edition of MEU Warsaw was held in May 2014, and both the project and the team have been growing since then, with our own alumni joining the team each year. After 4 editions of MEU Warsaw we already have 250 alumni from 29 countries, also outside EU. We find MEU Warsaw as a great opportunity to spread the knowledge about the EU policy-making, trains leaders and conscious citizens, gives participants time to have a drink with like-minded people.

Name Description
Organisation Name BETA Polska
Twitter @meu_warsaw
Location Poland, Warsaw