Call for MEU Symposium 2018 Host

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BETA Symposium 2017 participants

The Model European Union (MEU) Symposium is a successful new event aimed at providing a forum for BETA’s partners to come together and share experience and best practices in organising MEU conferences. It is also a great opportunity for younger partners to attend useful workshops on what makes a great MEU conference.The past editions of the MEU Symposium were held in Berlin, Germany as well as Split, Croatia, Belgrade, Serbia, thanks to the cooperation with HERMES and BEUM teams.

The Symposium has received in the past E+ funding and it is planned to apply again for E+ funding for the MEU Symposium 2018 in the October round.

As each year we’re looking for a local partner who wants to host the project in their city. It will be done in close cooperation with BETA Europe, the local partner takes over the logistics and social program of the conference.

If you wish to host the MEUSym 2018, please apply here to reach out to the BETA Europe Concepts and Partnerships team. You may need to signup first. Alternatively, you can direct your application to the BETA office (per mail with this link).

Please, let us know until 6th of September. As the E+ deadline is very soon, we will contact you right away for the first phase of planning and to estimate the costs to be included in the E+ application.