BETA Europe Virtual Meetup: Sunday 23.05.21, 7 PM

1 minute read

Dear friends and partners of BETA Europe,

a long pandemic winter and a very busy spring, we would like to once again host all of you in a BETA Europe Virtual Meetup! Lot of new faces have joined our network in the meantime, and even for BETA veterans and alumni, life outside of BETA is moving quickly and we certainly have lots of new European stories to share! Plus, 1 month before the GA (which will take place online on 26.06.2021) is the perfect time for us to catch up with you, and for you to catch up with us! 

We will meet on Sunday, 23.05., at 7 PM Brussels time for our next Virtual Meetup! 

The Meetup is completely optional, there will be no agenda and no obligations. Instead, we encourage you to grab a beer or a glass of wine, and bring along a bag of chips or some chocolate or whatever snacks you prefer, and join us for a casual evening and easy-going exchange with all your favorite Europeans! 

If you’re interested to join, even for a little while (no need to stay the entire 3 hours), please fill in this Google form and we will send you the link to the digital chatroom on the day of the meeting! (BETA Europe members who have access to the meeting link via the internal communication channels do not need to sign up).

Note: You do not need to be a BETA Europe member to attend - indeed this is the perfect place for you to get to know us better. Even if you can join us only later or for a short time, you’re still very welcome! 

See you soon, we’re looking forward to having you!

In the name of the European Management Board

Kristin Aldag