Save the date: BETA Europe’s 2021 General Assembly will take place on 26th June, online!

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In accordance with the BETA Europe statutes, our upcoming annual General Assembly (GA) will take place on 26th of June, 2021. Due to the still ongoing pandemic making it unpredictable whether international travel and gatherings will be possible at that point, the decision has been taken to hold it online, in a similar format as last year.

Please take note of the fact that since the federal reform in 2018, individual BETA Europe members no longer hold individual voting rights, but instead exercise 1 joint vote via 3 elected representatives of the IMS (individual members’ section). Nevertheless, observers are welcome with prior registration. Members of BETA branches will be represented via their management board. For more details, please have a look at our statutes, which you can find here:

If you are a BETA Europe member, mark the day in your calendars and check your emails, we’ll send you more information soon! If you’d like to become a member - please check here:

Any GA-related questions or concerns, please address to the European Management Board via!

We’re looking forward discussing jointly the future of our association and setting common priorities for the upcoming years!