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Your heart beats for MEUs? Ours do too! We want to spread the MEU idea all over Europe and make the experience accessible for even more young Europeans! Is it your goal too? Then let’s make it happen!

Come join us at the MEU Symposium - the primary platform for all things MEU - from concept, partnerships and exchange of best practices. We will gather from 20th to 23rd September in beautiful Prague for a weekend which you will definitely leave feeling more inspired and motivated than upon arrival.

In the broadest sense, the MEU Symposium is a meeting place for the MEU community. Our aim is to unite the members and partners of the #BETANetwork, which includes, but is not limited to: past, present and future BETA team members, experienced MEU organizers and/or participants, “fresh” MEU organizers and/or participants, aspiring MEU organizers and/or participants of tomorrow as well as anyone interested to contribute the cause in any other way.

The Symposium is THE place for all things MEU - from fundraising and partnership to content and on-the spot crisis management. We are currently recruiting both leaders and participants for the various training sessions, workshops, formal and informal discussions, networking events, exchange of experiences and best practices, and so much more that we will be offering to you at the Symposium about all topics that you might be interested in.

With arrivals planned for Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be two full days packed with fun socials and sessions in different formats to facilitate learning from each other and with each other - the best kind of learning! We want to bring new dynamics and fresh ideas to the MEU world with the intention to further improve the MEU concept and reach out to even more young people to offer them quality simulations of EU policy making. We also need to be realistic, and to this end will address several challenges that MEU organizers in different countries have had to face. Most of the BETA team will be present and happy to discuss not only on directly MEU-related matters but also questions regarding partnerships and the future of the network under our brand new BETA Europe.

For the best experience, it is recommended that you already have some MEU background, ideally as a participant or organizer, or BETA team member. But even if you don’t yet - join us in Prague and your first MEU experience in the near future will be even more worthwhile!

We believe that personal get-togethers of like-minded, motivated MEU-enthusiasts are worth every possible effort from our side. That’s why, as promised, there will be NO participation fee - accommodation, venues, and meals are covered! Registration is now open on BETA Desk

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We hope to see you soon in lovely Prague!


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