Our network is growing: Introducing BETA Europe’s new partnerships

1 minute read

Over the last few months the BETA Europe Partnership teams has reached out to many European and non-European youth actors who share common values with BETA Europe and with whom we consider that it is essential to work with and support each other in the expansion of European values and to bring Europeans closer together. We are very excited to announce our new partnerships and are looking forward to fruitful future collaborations in the near future.

To present to you our new partners we will divide them in three groups. First of all, we have youth associations such as AEGEE Europe, American Corner Tbilisi,  ELSA International, European Student Think Tank, JEF Europe, One Hour For Europe, Talento Europa and UN Association Albania. With each of them having different approaches on similar objectives and values as BETA Europe, we have created a network that will be highly beneficial for BETA members and increase the quality of MEUs.

Second of all, we are also committed to reach out to other sister MEUs outside the BETA network in the EU to help each other out, therefore we have reached partnerships with Brussels MEU, MEU Vienna and MEU Iasi.

Lastly, this year we have started an initiative called BETA Global, in the context of which in reaching out to MEUs organized outside Europe. We have contacted dozens of MEU conferences all over the world and for the moment we have reached incredible relations with Ain-Shams University MEU, Lebanese American University MEU and Asian Pacific MEU.

Overall, we are extremely happy to announce these new partners of ours and we look forward to work closely with them and offer the European youth everything this new network has to offer!

For an overview of our partners, please visit our “partners” section of the website. If your organisation is interested in exploring partnership opportunities with BETA Europe, please contact us under contact@beta-europe.org and we’ll get back to you!