BETA e.V. Management Board: Official Statement

1 minute read

The BETA e.V. Management Board regrets to inform our members that we have reluctantly decided to accept the letter of resignation of Mr Stephen Vanson, Treasurer, elected at the BETA GA in Thessaloniki for the business year 2017/2018.

We thus acknowledge both the personal and professional reasons that presently prevent him from fully devoting his time to the association and therefore respect his wish that the position of Treasurer should be made available to members with a greater time and work availability; according to his own words, “to live up to the high standard required from the organisation and from my own personal point of view.”

We have repeatedly expressed to Mr Vanson our sincere will that he remains in office, as we believe that he possesses all the necessary qualities, both professional and personal, to perform his duties – indeed, as very few people do.

Stephen has been a tireless worker for BETA. His critical spirit and constant engagement to make BETA a better association will always be remembered and cherished. This spirit is exactly the kind of drive that our association needs and we could not be happier to know that we count on his full support and active contribution to make BETA bigger and better, not for the few, but for all of us.

Thank you, Stephen.

Cláudio Teixeira, President

Cristoforo Simonetta, Vice President