#ThisTimeImVoting – And We Need Your Votes, Too!

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With the European Parliament Elections right around the corner, it is a priority for the European Parliament to reach out the European citizens to encourage them to vote. The #ThisTimeImVoting campaign launched by the EP aims to do just that by building a community of over ten thousand volunteers accessible all over Europe in 24 languages. Beneficiaries of the EP grants will be invited to integrate the communication materials thus applicable in the implementation of their projects to ensure a consistent identity of the European Parliament.


Voter turnout, especially among the younger generations, has been less than satisfactory during the 2014 elections. The online platform thistimeimvoting.eu is a pan-European, grass roots campaign to get more people involved in the European elections and encourage as many as possible to vote having a genuine chance to shape Europe’s future through their votes.

The process was kicked off in June by asking Europeans not only to vote, but also to spread the word and to mobilise their families, friends, neighbours and communities to do so too. Using social media channels and organising events to promote their campaign for European democracy, it aims to bring people together, discuss issues that matter to them and look to the future of Europe.

Sign up to their website in order to get more info, and find out nearest event about European elections => ttimv.eu/BETAEurope