A success, also online: Report from the MEU Symposium 2020

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The MEU Symposium, organized by BETA Europe, provides for a unique learning environment in which best practices are shared and partnerships are sealed. Given the extraordinary circumstances and travel restrictions, the 2020 edition of the Symposium was organized online between the 19th and 22nd November, becoming more accessible and bringing together over 70 participants to learn and share their experience, by attending 16 workshops and learning from 33 guest speakers and young professionals. 

During the 4 days of the Symposium, participants had the opportunity to learn more about BETA Europe and Model European Union concept, as well as to exchange good practices with youth leaders from UN Youth of Albania and European Youth Parliament, and learn from young EU professionals how to get from Model to the real European Union and benefit from all the opportunities that the European institutions provide. 

The core of this event was the MEU project and what it entails. From fundraising to PR and content, from social events and interpreting to IT and risk management, the wide palette of workshops provided the best tips and tricks of organizing such an event. Each of the workshops strived to provide a comprehensive guide, and, based on real-life examples, contribute to the improvement of MEUs as well as other youth-centered conferences. 

Some of the main questions from the Symposium were answered by providing the real-life experience of former and current MEU organizers and participants, as well as key partners of BETA Europe, covering the following topics:

  • Refined and practical educational outcomes for both the organizers and participants (From Model to Real EU: real-life stories)
  • Innovation in times of crisis (The MEUs of our times: the impact of Covid-19 pandemic)
  • Meaningful stakeholder dialogue  with the aim of sharing the best practices (Know-how and best practices: the world or youth political simulations) 

To conclude, I consider the 2020 edition of MEU Symposium a success. The organizing team had experienced a number of difficulties, but it did not stop them from delivering exceptional value for the participants. All participants and speakers obtained a certificate, showcasing their active role in the symposium. Just as knowledge was shared and friendships created, I would like to dedicate my final words to express appreciation to all organizers, speakers, and participants. Your feedback has proven invaluable in the process of refining the concept for the upcoming MEU Symposium 2021 to deliver even more and better content.

Jakub Rybnikár\ BETA Europe Think Tank Officer

Recordings of most sessions of the MEU Symposium are now available on our Youtube channel!